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21st anniversary DOSA 'dream teams'

In August 2009, DOSA Soccer Club officially celebrated it's 21st year of competition and incorparation with a special quiz/fundraising night.

On the night, the Club's best male and female players were inducted into the 21st Anniversary Dream Teams.  The committee sought nominations and votes from the Club's life members and senior past players who had seen players come and go to ensure all those chosen were suitable.

Congratulations to all players and coaches... 

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Dual Dream Team member, Simon Natoli, wrote the following of the Women's team:


Jess Ygosse (GK)

A tough, strong keeper, whom is also more than handy on the field. But as a keeper to have strength when going for the contested ball, was a great attribute for this DOSA keeper. Has played 111 DOSA games with 1 goal. Years with DOSA 2003-2008.

Leletia Howe-Smith

Joining DOSA in 2001, till the end of 2008, Leletia had no soccer experience, nor little ability, yet her determination & amazing fitness led her into being a serial shutdown key opposition woman marker. As a defender, her willingness to learn & improve saw her make many strides forward to be capable of playing now at Premier League level. 

Has played 147 DOSA games & scored twice. 

Captain & Best & Fairest in both 2004 & 2005.

Sally Feldmanis

Sally came to DOSA from a strong soccer background, prior. Her midfield play initially was a joy to watch with a creativeness & knowledgeable game, yet also her determination to get in among it made her a strong fighter for her team. In her second spell after child birth, Sally turned into a very reliable defender & sweeper for the team. 101 DOSA games & scored thirteen times.1998 till end 2001, then returned 2003 till end season 2006. 

Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999.

Frances Mackenzie

Starting as a raw defender whose pace blasted away any opponent, after joining the club with her sister Liz Wilson, Frances grew in stature & experience to turn into a more than handy striker & created havoc for opposition when played in partnership with good friend Rebecca Hartnett. 83 DOSA games and scored thirty six times in total. At DOSA between seasons 1999 & 2003. Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999 and also took out the Best & Fairest in ’99, when it was such a strong team that year.

Sita Ygosse

Amazingly hard working midfielder, whose toughness in the contest rarely saw her beaten. Having to carry the bulk of the creative work for the DOSA team in the last few seasons, made Sita a marked player, whom was given less and less freedom, yet she continued to work strongly to carry DOSA on and off the pitch inspirationally. 

Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999.

192 DOSA games and scored twenty times. Played with DOSA between 1999 & season’s end 2008.

Best & Fairest in both 2003 & 2008, whilst Captain in season 2007-08.

Amanda Wood

Amanda was a team bonding type of player. Not gifted with massive amounts of football skills, yet a truly valued part of any DOSA ladies team, with her skills to join her team mates into a unit, fight for the cause either as an outfield player or keeper also. Tough as nails, with no second thought about getting in for the hard ball. Played 70 games with DOSA between season’s 1996 and 1999, and then returned for one more season in 2002. Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999.

Lauren Foot

A strong midfield worker, with a cracking shot. With strength in her style of play to run through opponents, Lauren could turn on moments of brilliance. 112 DOSA games and scored sixteen times. Played with DOSA between seasons 2002 – 2007. Captain in season 2006.

Marina Sain

It was DOSA’s great loss when Marina departed at the end of season 1999. She moved on to Glenorchy Knights to start up their ladies soccer, but in her four years at DOSA had been a great asset to the ladies team, as a truly talented midfielder, with great passing and determination to succeed. Member both of first DOSA ladies team in 1996 and of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999 (Co-Captain that season). Seasons at DOSA – 1996 – 99.

Paula Hammond

An amazingly talented midfielder, whom came to DOSA for only a short period, already having reach high levels with her soccer. Her desire to help her team mates was a great part of Paul’s role in the team, while her feet did the talking repeatedly on the field. 49 DOSA games and a healthy twenty eight goals in that time. Played with DOSA between season’s 1999 and end of 2001. Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999  Co-Captain seasons 2000-01 and also Best & Fairest player season 2000.

Margaret Perger

Came to the ladies team as a recent Dominic student. Sadly left before her prime to joining Knights, yet made a strong impression on the club & her team mates as an energetic all parts of the field player, whose passion to win spread through the team. 65 DOSA games and a good return of twenty seven goals in that time. DOSA member 1997-1999. Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999 and leading team goal scorer in this Premiership season.

Chiara Sianski

Probably the most naturally talented striker or even ladies player the DOSA ladies team has ever had. Sadly only played 39 DOSA games and then still scored thirty one goals amazingly in that time. With DOSA for seasons 1999 to the end 2001 (Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999), but gave up soccer at the end of season 2001 as an eighteen year old.

Chiara was a pleasure to coach, played for the love of the game, made a striking tandem with her mother Maria on the field & had amazing skills, which even though each week she had most team’s best defender on her, was a joy to watch.

Michelle Jakubec

89 DOSA games and twenty five goals. A speedy striker, whose bursts of energy at times showed her potential to impact a game for her team, yet her general love to just have fun was refreshing for her team mates with a wicked humour. Member both of first DOSA ladies team in 1996 and of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999  Season’s at DOSA 1996 to end 99.

Rebecca Hartnett

Rebecca started playing with no experience and has much to thank for her development as a player to Richard Korn. Over the seasons her willingness to learn saw her develop into a deadly striker or midfielder, depending on where the team needed her support. An amazing ability to score, even when having to do much solo work.

117 DOSA games and a staggering one hundred and twenty three goals in that time. Seasons with DOSA were 1999 to end 2004  Co-Captain 2000-01, then sole Captain 2002-03  Team leading goal scorer 2001-04   Member of the only premiership DOSA ladies team in 1999.

Cassi Eastley

Joining DOSA from Dominic, Cassi had energy to run all game, which made up for her slight build and young age. But as the season’s progressed she developed into a leader in her last season with the team, before moving on to play Premier League soccer. A great winger in full flight, whose happy nature bonded the ladies in the team with her. Seasons with DOSA were 2000-end 2004.92 DOSA games and scored seventeen times. Best & Fairest in season 2002.

Ruth Cruz

A strong small, yet face paced striker, Ruth’s time was short with DOSA, where upon she moved up to Premier Level having been noticed easily in her time by other clubs. Played one season only with DOSA being 24 games and scoring ten goals that season. Best & Fairest and Leading goal scorer both in season 2006. 

Assistant Coaches

Paul and Glenda Bromfield

Amazing dedication to the ladies. Both Paul & Glenda worked so well as a team unit together, contributing massively in their few years at DOSA off the field in committee positions as well as through looking after the ladies team, including to DOSA ladies only ever Premiership in 1999.


Simon Natoli

S.Natoli 15/8/2009 

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