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25 years

overview of 1993 - 1999

Being promoted to Division 1 for the start of the 1993 season was an exciting step for the club. Usually one step is thought to be small, but in this case that step from Division 2 to Division 1 proved difficult and testing for the players and club, as no longer was the D.O.S.A Soccer Club a force to be reckoned with!

Struggling throughout the year, even though new coach Chris Dand had bought with him several experienced new players, the side just managed to avoid the wooden spoon. On a brighter note, the 2nds had a strong season finishing 2nd in Division 3.

Entering 1994, again a coaching change was soon made, with Steve Pitchford taking over the reins. Again the wooden spoon was only just avoided in a disappointing year.

With the 2nd team taking out 3rd place in Div. 3 and the club also entering a 3rd team for the first time in a season (in Div. 4), the season was one of consolidation.

With yet another change of coach in 1995 (Ian Campbell coming on board), the Division 1 side performed strongly, starting the league in a blaze of glory, beating Kingborourgh for the first time at this level. A new professional touch by Ian bought about better results with the players performing well. End of season result, 6th place.

The 2nds started well (having been promoted from Div. 3 to 2), but struggled after striker David Zeitzen was promoted to the seniors after 12 goals in 7 games.

Still having Div. 1, 2 and 4 Men’s teams argued well for the development of the club, giving avenues for juniors to "sharpen" their knowledge/skills at various levels.

The signs were good for the 1996 season. Leaving the small confines of the "Postage Stamp" Dominic ground, (we had played there since 1989) we moved to Queens Walk.

With Ian Campbell staying on, a team harmony developed early, with the seniors reaching the quarterfinals of the Summer Cup. This was followed by strong performances in the league, and resulted in a highest final placing of 5th.

David Zeitzen had a top year, coming 3rd in the Premier League Vote Count, with other members gelling well. Charlie Ketsimur took out the Club Best & Fairest Count.

Sadly club stalwart Brendan Jenkins broke his leg badly, following on top of the same injury suffered by the clubs other main goalkeeper, Rex Natoli late the year before.

The 2nds had a solid year, finishing a creditable 6th in their second year in Div. 2 and the Div. 4 side while taking on a more social approach provided a good base for fringe players. The development of Men’s soccer at the club is strong.

The biggest move by the club in 1996 was the formation of the first Women’s team. Although at times, the side struggled from various difficulties, from all the hard work (especially by coach and President Terry Webster) a solid year was had coming 7th.

As 1997 arrived, we moved home grounds to K.G.V Soccer Park, a excellent facility. Unfortunately a number of previous senior Male players failed to re-appear.

With little expected for the Summer Cup, draws with Kingborourgh and University followed by a 7-0 thrashing of Nelson, saw us reach the Quarter Finals of the Cup.

We bowed out (1-0) to the eventual winners, New Town Eagle State Youth side.

With higher expectations after the promising Summer Cup run, University (6-0) and Kingborourgh defeated the lads (by an incredible 13-0). Finishing the season strongly with three wins in three rounds (cumulating with a much-enjoyed 3-1 victory over Metro at North Chigwell), we gained a creditable 6th placing. Congratulations to Derek Story and Marcus Wilde on 100 Premier League games for the club.

With the 2nds gaining 7th in a up and down season, and the Social Men’s team again supplying a base for players looking for just a kick, Men’s soccer at DOSA is set to develop in 98, if players stay on and a few more quality performers are picked up.

The definite success on the field was the Women’s team.

Benefiting from their first season, they combined for a run home of 12 games unbeaten with 7 wins and 5 draws. This took them to 3rd place. The highlight was the 0-0 draw against Nelson at North Warrane, who at that stage were 11 wins from 11 games.

Unfortunately two groups of lowlights come to mind for the club.

On the field there were the broken legs sustained to Scott Nicolson, Olga Skailids and Mark Jefferies, although all are on the road to recovery.

Off the field, Terry Webster after seven years as President of our club resigned from that position. He was a tireless worker and did far more than was noticed!

Throughout 1998, the Women’s team again led the way, result wise for the club. Starting out strongly, they managed to beat the eventual champions Nelson twice in their first two meetings, but went down in the last two meetings. 2nd place was gained, with the potential there for the next step. Kelli Bromfield and Emily Fitzgerald were two new players who had strong years and added depth to a already excellent team.

All three Men’s teams had what can only be described as inconsistent years. Hopefully this can be turned around in 1999. The Seniors narrowly avoided last in the reduced 8-team competition, the Youth team came in 6th, while the Social team finished bottom.

Unfortunately Derek Story and Michael Richmond, both broke a leg each, this season.

Throughout 1999 the team members of the Women’s team excelled.

With the Coaching of Paul Bromfield and the excellent support from Glenda Bromfield, the team managed to take out the Premiership, after a tightly contested 1-0 win over Nelson in the Final match of the season to finish 1 point ahead on the table.

Many games were exciting to watch, with either high scoring in DOSA’s favour (poor Uni) or high quality soccer being played between the two teams on the park.

This was just the success the club needed, with Paul & Glenda and all players to be congratulated. A highlight was the fact that the team blended in players who had several years’ experience of soccer, with players like Rebecca Hartnett, Frances Mackenzie, Jacqi Bromfield and Sally Nicholson playing in their first year of soccer.

The Social Lads had a wonderfully entertaining year.

Starting out with a strong 4-0 win, they had their best year in year’s, finishing 6th from 10 teams. They made the Semi Finals of the KO Cup and had such a strong team of "semi – retired legions" that on many an occasion they would have given any other Men’s team at DOSA a shake in a game.

A touch of good "ole" England was added with the inclusion of new players Peter Collins and Craig "the worm boy" Harry who blended in very well with all the lads on the team and a few pubs in Hobart as well.

During the season, the Men’s Premier League and Premier Reserves had runs of very patchy form, with "end results" often in the favour of the opposition.

This led to disharmony at times, but while the results weren’t there, some positives were the development of the U/17 players who made the effort and attained playing spots in the higher Men’s teams.

In fact with the club having an Official DOSA U/17 Junior side for the first time, the young boys had a difficult time winning only twice, but while this was a tough baptism of fire, the development of several of the boys was outstanding.

Look for young guys like Nathaniel Craig, Mark Wakefield and Marc Lacy to be pushing for spots higher up next season.

Overall, I feel that the bonding at this club on a whole is what makes it such a good strong club. Events in ’99 such as the FA Cup Night, or the wonderfully entertaining Miss DOSA Night…where some of our closet woo-man dressers came out for that once a year showing. Events like this add that extra…with players sharing and enjoying each others company at and away from soccer, we can still laugh and have fun when we’re not winning, although it doesn’t mean we don’t want to be successful.

Simon Natoli
Life Member, 2008

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