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25 years

overview of 1989 - 1992

The beginnings were back in 1988 when Anthony and Mark Ygosse, Tony Swiadek, Brendan Jenkins, Adriano and Roberto Colanzi and myself started up a soccer team and entered it into the 7 - a - side Christian Soccer League.

We had an idea of starting up a DOSA team then and entering it in the Tasmanian Soccer Association, but in 1988 played in the Christian Soccer League (which prayed before each match) under the banner of St. John’s Glenorchy. We never actually completed the competition, after being on top of the ladder, when it was decided best to withdraw.

This only intensified our desire to have a go in the big league (T.S.A), and after approaching the T.S.A, we were accepted on a provisional basis for one year. Only Metro Claremont objected to our inclusion at the time!

Our home ground was at the Dominic College Primary School, and before the season got under way, we recruited extensively. Players (mostly ex - Dominic boys) flooded to the club, including Simon Stolp, Manuel Duharte, Dirk Gadd, John and Paul Wallace, Rex Natoli, Joe Dwyer just to name a few, as well as others getting involved (Fr. Bob Curmi, Andrew Wood, Terry Webster and Michael Richmond).

The commitment to training and the club was huge! We trained on the tennis courts at the Middle School Campus of Dominic during winter under lights, with that commitment and hunger being transferred into results on the soccer field in our first season of 89, where the team pictured at top, won the Division 4 Premiership, scoring 120 goals in 26 games, whilst only conceding 30. Manuel Duharte and Mark Ygosse proved to be a lethal combination up front, though everyone in the team with the exception of one player (Paul Williams) actually scored that season. In fact Manuel scored over 30 goals in that sensational first season.

In our second year, Manuel left us for the "land of the llamas", so Mark Ygosse, Derek Story and Joe Dwyer took over the role of scoring goals. They did this very effectively and despite many battles with University and Phoenix, we again triumphed and took out both the Division 3 Premiership and Division 3 K O Cup. The growth in the club was shown by the fact we had enough players to field a second team in the Division 4 competition as well.

"The hunger and commitment that drove us helped to bond us into a team that played for each other and were willing to work, run, play and train hard. We really believed in ourselves and in our team members. This united and transformed us from eleven individuals into one team unit with only one thing in mind, to win. AND WIN WE DID!!!"

When I first met the T.S.A, they quizzed me on the team, asking me at what level I thought we could enter into. I said I felt we could make it into the 2nd Division with the team we had. I was right!

But things did change over time; people develop different views and ideas. Players drift away to others clubs or quit playing.

Our third year (1991) in the T.S.A saw us flounder in our momentous drive up through the divisions. We eventually finished 5th, with some players becoming despondent and then leaving.

At the end of 91, with the T.S.A expanding the structure of the top divisions (State and Youth Leagues and Division 1), the top four teams in Division 2 were promoted to Division 1. Therefore in 1992, I thought that would make us favourites for the title.

The club was looking solid, with our second team having a fantastic year under "super coach", Paul Wallace, so I decided to give up coaching and concentrate on playing again. A new coach was appointed, but was a bit of a "phantom" and never actually turned up, so once again I was into the coaching role.

With that excellent combination of Manuel Duharte and David Zeitzen up front, WE WON THE PREMIERSHIP!

With about six or seven games to go, I was sure we could win, if we focused on one game at a time and this we did. With John Wallace, Marcus Wilde, Pip Longo and Richard Lindsay in defence, coupled with Rex Natoli in goals, opposition sides rarely looked capable of defeating us.

And how the celebrations followed after taking out that Premiership. You can ask any player from the team back then, but whether they remember much of that night?!?

Over our first four years in the T.S.A we won three Premierships and one K O Cup. We were the team (and still are) that was promoted quickest from Division 4 to Division 1 (1989 - start of 1993) in the history of the T.S.A, eclipsing Phoenix in this feat by a couple of seasons.

From a 7 - a - side team, to a Division 1 club, with a 2nds team that now played in Division 3, we had developed and evolved.

"There were many wonderful players who played for us. Many skilful and talented people who helped achieve a dream. They have given me fantastic and unforgettable memories to treasure, things that can never be taken away from me. But the story does not end there, it is only the beginning!"

Joe O’Hea
First Life Member of DOSA Soccer Club in 1996

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